Witte de Withkwartier

Big River filters the water of dreams. A sound walk following the impact of water on the Dutch Port city inhabitants’ dreams.
Soundwalk, English.
3 km, ± 54 min. Rotterdam.

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The city is growing high and the port is pushed to the seashore. The river remains the core of the activities and the inhabitants recharge by its banks. This is a soundwalk through a district where the Port has become abstract. During this walk the walker is experiencing three levels of water, from shallow water to deep water.


Boomgaardsstraat 71
3012 XD, Rotterdam
South Holland, NL




Track 1. Relax with Nature
Track 2. White Stork
Track 3. Bar la Grotte
Track 4. Friendship Society Nr. 35
Track 5. Monte Carlo
Track 6. Floating Frenzy
Track 7. Rumours about Mills
Track 8. Fossils
Track 9. Hollow Ground


Created in 2013 by Vincent Denieul & Fiona Weir.
Co-production Worm, Klangendum.