Do the Slow Down

This soundwalk has been kept simple. A person walking with you, but doesn’t chatter away; a city in which you walk about, looking at it only from one side; images that are not changing too rapidly.
Soundwalk, English.
1 km, ± 33 min. Rotterdam.

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Do the Slow Down (really) is a short-distance stroll (rather than a walk) perfectly suited for a contemplative moment or a lost afternoon in a big city. The track features on site recordings and generated sounds with a narrative written by Nicola. The walk starts right in front of WORM’s entrance and teads you into the direction of a skatepark. Don’t forget, do it slow, take your time.
Language: Dutch and English


Boomgaardsstraat 71
3012 XA, Rotterdam
South Holland, NL



Track. 1


Created in 2013 by Henk Bakker & Nicola Unger.
Co-production Worm, Klangendum.