Of steel and water, the city tunes itself

The soundwalk of Lee Patterson uses sounds from the city, usually unheard. Not the vibrations that bounce off countless new surfaces, but the interior resonance of things old and new.
Soundwalk, only sound.
4 km, ± 50 min. Rotterdam.

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The Nieuwe Maas and Rijnhaven’s underwater world, concealed music of the Erasmusbrug and resonant sewers direct a route and dictate the accompanying compositions.


Lantaren Venster
Otto Reuchlinweg 996
3072 MD, Rotterdam
Zuid-Holland, NL




Location 1. Lantaren Venster Introduction
Location 2. River Maas Waterfront
Location 3. To the left of the Erasmusbridge
Location 4. Between the Erasmus Bridge and the Maas Tower
Location 5. Spoorweghaven
Location 6. Metrostation Wilhelminaplein

Created in 2012 by Lee Patterson.
Co-production Soundtrackcity and International Film Festival Rotterdam.