Sonic Fields Vlieland

An audio composition consisting of six ‘movements’ made exclusively with original environmental recordings done on the island of Vlieland (North Sea, Holland).
Soundwalk, only sound.
32 km, walk ± 7 hours, listen ± 3 hours. Vlieland.

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Starting from the question what the island of Vlieland could offer to the ears, Francisco López explored the island as a hidden gem, a unique place in the Netherlands where you can still find wild, unspoiled nature.

López takes you into the primeval landscape of Vlieland. With only original environmental recordings, without additional instruments, voices or other sounds, López creates a new virtual sonic reality which you can experience at six different locations spread across the island.


Vuurboetsduin 2
8899 AT, Oost-Vlieland
Friesland, NL



Track 1. Movement 1
Track 2. Movement 2
Track 3. Movement 3
Track 4. Movement 4
Track 5. Movement 5
Track 6. Movement 6



Created in 2017 by Francisco López.
Co-production Into The Great Wide Open.