The Hive

This soundwalk is a re-enactment of the uproar on the Internet that drove the popular actress Choi Jin-Sil to suicide. A soundwalk that lets you experience how social media affect the way we communicate.
Soundwalk, English.
3 km, ± 42 min. Rotterdam.

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Although this soundwalk is situated in Rotterdam, it tells a universal story that could take place in Tokyo, Seoul, or any other major city. All over the world, trolls (bullies) are making victims on the internet. The most prominent one is probably Choi Jin-sil, a famous Korean actress, who committed suicide in 2008. All the emails and posts which drove her to her death were translated into English. A group of actors were asked to re-enact the uproar in ‘The Hive’ just before and after her death.

The architecture and the atmosphere of the area, ‘de Kop van Zuid’ through which this soundwalk leads, are the perfect backdrop for the story of Choi Jin-sil. This map contains a suggested route. But the soundscape is not linked to any specific building or street. So, feel free to find your own way. Just wander through the streets, like the restless soul of Choi Jin-sil. Imagine that behind all the windows around you, people are sitting behind their computer, writing emails, to you or about you.

If you loose track, don’t worry. After all, this is a story of a woman who gets lost. Loosing track might even add an extra dimension to the experience.
As they say in Korea: Even though words have no wings, they can still fly a thousand miles.
The best time for this soundwalk is just before or after sunset.


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Lantaren Venster
Otto Reuchlinweg 996
3072 MD, Rotterdam
Zuid-Holland, NL



Track 1.


Created in 2012 by Jeroen Stout & Jan-Bas Bollen.
Co-production International Film Festival Rotterdam.