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Corona Audio Archives

Scores in Homing inside out

On World Listening Day, July 18th 2020 we presented Homing inside out – A listening guide for home quarantine.

Homing inside out provides a collection of scores for a do-it-yourself home expedition filled with listening-exercises. The guide is a coproduction of Steim, The Mystifieres, Soundtrackcity and a team of artists.

Some scores suggest you make a recording and upload and archive your sound recordings. If you want to upload to a public archive, we can suggest some favorite corona audio archives.

favorite corona audio archives

International, especially made for Covid-19 times:
A wellbeing online intervention tool for people to assign positivity to sounds that surround them during isolation during Covid-19.

Only Amsterdam, curated by Soundtrackcity:

And of course radio aporee, the platform for field recordings. Radio aporee participates in World Listening Day 2020:
If you took field recordings for/during this event, you’re kindly invited to share them with others on the radio aporee maps. Radio Aporee has its own corona collection.

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