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Homing inside out – a listening guide for home quarantine

Homing inside out – a listening guide for home quarantine

In 2020 we presented Homing inside out – A listening guide for home quarantine. The listening guide is a coproduction of Steim, The Mystifiers, Soundtrackcity and a team of artists. Homing inside out provides a collection of scores for a do-it-yourself home expedition filled with listening-exercises. The guide became a huge success and sold out in 2021. Since March 2022 the guide is available again as we published a second edition.

Limited edition

A limited hardcopy edition, carefully printed on eco-friendly paper stock, is available for 3,00 euros (excl. postage). Order your copy/-ies in our shop.


To make these scores easily available internationally the guide was also published as a free download for a limited time. Starting 20 June 2022 a pdf will cost the same as a printed copy.

The pdf is designed to be easily printed in black and white and provides room to draw or write down your own impressions. You can download the pdf in our shop.

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