The Zone

Duro Toomato, an artist from Croatia, lived and worked in the Staatsliedenbuurt for more than twelve years.
Soundwalk, English.
2 km, ± 57 min. Amsterdam

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For this soundwalk, he interviewed 40 people who live and/or work in this neighborhood about their experiences and memories of 1989 and about their expectations for 2021. You follow a route guided by the militant past of the neighborhood. Along the way you increasingly get the feeling that the entire neighborhood lives in a different time, space and reality, trapped under a giant glass dome. Enter the Zone. At this moment (2019) the neighborhood has changed so much that this sound walk became a retrofuturistic piece in itself.


Bibliotheek Staatsliedenbuurt
Van Hallstraat 615
1051 HE, Amsterdam




Track 1. Welcome to the tour of the Zone
Track 2. A bit windy today
Track 3. We tell stories here
Track 4. Earlier there was a cheap bar
Track 5. Sound of water & footsteps
Track 6. Here we are. Home at last…
Track 7. What’s going on
Track 8. Let’s get to Piet…slowly…one, two, one, two
Track 9. I wanna show you something
Track 10. Ah, the rain stops


Created in 2009 by Duro Toomato and Guy Amitai.